The beggining of the end.Mature

Sarah wokeup to find Luke stroking her bright red fringe. She opened her eyes and gazed in his. She rested her hand against his cheek and felt his bristly weekend stubble scratching the palm of her hand. He stood up and stretched putting on clothes - a t-shirt and jeans. Sarah did the same only she put on bleached skinny jeans and a baggy purple cardigan.

"Meet you downstairs." Luke said gruffly.

He walked out the room and down the stairs. Prepared himself some cereal and by the time he had eaten it Sarh was at on the other side of the oak table.

"How did you sleep?" Sarah said.

"With my eyes closed." Luke replied. Sarah could tell he was not in a good mood.

Sarah stood up and looked out the window. It was pitch black and there was a full moon outside.

"The weather is good for hunting."

"Is it.  Deer?"

Sarah closed her eyes tight but as she did so there was a  flash of golden light and when she opened them she ran her tongue across her teeth. Her canines had grown to about an inch long and her hair had gone deep purple. She looked over at Luke. His teeth were at least two inches long and his usually brown hair had gone black as night. His nails had grown very slightly but looked much stonger. His t-shirt was struggling to hold because of his, now large, muscles.

"Shall we dine?" 

The End

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