The only exceptionMature

this story is something of an anomele for me to be writing because I never write from a female point of veiw so please read and rate.

   The young girl with bright red hair cradled her first true love in her arms. His blank white face staring up at her with a semi-open mouth and diamond like eyes staring into her soul. His short spiked brown hair as though he had only just styled it. But the most obvious feature on this young man was the slightly swollen red and purple line circling his throat.

   The girl looked down - her fringe swinging infront of her heavily outlined eyes.Tears were running down her cheeks and over her perfectly carved lips. Makeup was thickening her tears and by the time they had reached her jaw they were a pinky colour.  She screamed into the wind in a surge of emotion. Anger began to ring throughout the girls body.


   Three days later this girl, Sarah Harding, was stood in a public toilet. She wiped her index finger down the mirror and looked into it contently. Her finger, now covered in dust, was bleeding. Not heavily enough to hurt but enough for blood to push itself into the light. The face in the mirrorr looked back at her as though it was looking for something different than what they were actually looking at.  The person in the mirrorr, although deep down she knew it was, did not feel like it was Sarah.

   The red hair was her. The deep pink lips were her. But the bruises and cuts were not. The face of pure depression was not hers. Usually she wore a smile a small dimples at the corner of her mouth. This was no longer there since her boyfriend, Luke, had commited suicide three days ago.


In this story I will be informing you on the events which led up to this sad happening.

The End

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