One choice

I could say it started to rain as I walked nervously towards Charlie's appartment but it didn't. It was just a dark cool night with a refreshing breeze rustling mysteriously through the leafy trees which lined the pavement. I walked along briskly without realising it,  my mind on what the hell I was doing right now.

My feet took me automatically down the side streets which I had been tempted to follow so many times before. I could feel my heart beating in my chest and my hands began to feel clammy as i clasped them on each forearm. What was going to happen now? I already knew that what I was doing was a really bad idea and that I would have to deal with the consequences, even from now. And yet, I continued walking.

Before I had much time to ponder on all the different questions that were swirling in a loop round my heavy head, I reached the familiar set of concrete steps leading up to the well used door. I paused momentarily and cliché-ingly thought to myself "what happens from now on could change my life". In spite of everything I reluctantlly smiled to myself and began walking up the steps.

The End

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