The One They Call GabrielMature

A new twist on Lazarus Thorn: The Tale of a Werewolf. Told from the point of view of a different character, and going in a slightly different direction.

We start our tale in England, in the year 1709, under the reign of Queen Anne with the War of the Spanish Succession quietly raging in the background.

Lazarus Thorn was born on a bitterly cold night in the winter that year, though which month that was now escapes me; it's been so long. He was small, squalling and there weren't enough blankets in the world to keep the cold from nipping at his infant fingers and toes. By some miracle, he survived the harsh weather, kept close and swaddled by his mother for months on end until the sun finally broke free of its snowy prison.

He was a skinny child, sickly and near every bone poked at the skin confining them, and his pale blonde hair was never clean enough. The wide, trusting eyes that constantly seeked some new childish adventure were a bright, almost translucent blue. His father never really believed that Lazarus was his child. His other two, a boy and a girl, had both taken after him, with their dark hair and darker eyes, but Lazarus never looked like he belonged. He barely took after his mother, who had lighter hair, but no one could explain why Lazarus was so different. Many nights were spent arguing about it, but there was little that could be done, short of abandoning the boy to fend for himself, and his mother wouldn't have any of it. If the boy went, so did the mother.

I suppose I've been watching Lazarus from the beginning. I'll explain briefly: I am the one they call Gabriel. This world has more than humans and animals. Vampires, ghosts, werewolves, demons, and yes, angels. We all exist. I am what a human would call an angel, though I am nothing that they would expect. There is no God, no higher being. We have no heavenly Father, as they believe.

Those of us that have been named angels have a natural affinity for "good" and demons for "evil". Of course, just as with humans, there is a vast spectrum of how we behave and think. There are many "evil" angels and many "good" demons. Humans gave us generalised attributes that they saw in the handful of angels that revealed themselves so long ago, but not many of us are like that. Some of us, myself included, are... drawn to humans. They bring out our protective instincts. We are the ones they call guardian angels. Not everyone has one, and I won't go as far as to say that a human that has one is lucky. Some of us get too involved and hurt our humans as much as we look after them. I made such a mistake, with Lazarus.

The End

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