The note read. So you found this note hu? Well Cassie if you still wanna talk about the man go to the dinner one the conor of elder and frak street. Oh and bring that dumb head Thomas with you to! BE their at 8:00 sharp!" Thomas asks if we could visit my mom. I tell ok and we walk to the hospital. The doctor says my mom will be alright but she has a broken leg and a broken arm and hand. By 7:45 we head to the diner. I sit down and order coffe. Thomas just waits anxiousley. Then a man comes in looking sly. But I notice je has somthing my sister and my dad had. A locket. He has it in his pocket along with some other things. I get a feeling Thomas sees the somthing of his family and gets up. Just as I get up Thomas pushes me down and punches the guy right in the face. "SO YOUR THE ONE" Thomas screams "The man takes out a gun and points at Thomas's heart. "Are they dead! Are they dead!" Thomas screams. Thomas pushes him straight on the ground while other people hug the wall. Thomas grabs the gun and points it at the guy. "No their not dead their alive! Their being held some where thats all I know! Their in a bad condition! Just let me go!" The man screams. Thomas picks the man up and throws him out of the diner. He grabs the iteams that fell out of the mans pocket andd hands the Lockets to me. Their alive! All of them! I want to cry but all I do is kiss Thomas. For a second he looked surprised but then he just goses with it.

The End

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