Well, Well, Well.

I huff upsetly and walk home like the note said. My mom tells me that I have a vistor up stairs for me. I walk up stairs to find a blond hair boy with blue eyes wearing a plad shirt amd ripped blue jeans. His face is.....perfect! He smells like a flower. "Cassie I see your smart." He says laughing "Anyway I want you to be sure that I've dealed with this man before and turst me if I could I would go back and kill him after what he did to my family." The boy says huffing. "Well why can't you?" I say "Because Cassie I can't remember what he looks like or who he is, all I remember was him nocking me over the head!" He says. "Anyway I don't think you know my name. I'm Thomas Heffly." He says. Why won't he kiss me! I mean any guy I meet and dated has kissed me on the first date! Should I do it! No get back on topic! I'll ask him to help me so when I ask him to go to the rollor rink i'll kiss him their! "Well would you like to help me Thomas?" "Why am I here." He says. Kiss him Cassie! Just do it! Get it out. Kiss him! But I don't insted I ask him if he has a place to sleep. He repiles no and I give him an open bed room. That night I dream of him and only him until the scream wakes me from my dream

The End

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