The one that got away

Cassie a 20 year old girl has lost her sister 11 year old sister Jenna 4 years go in a car crash. Cassie belives that the man who hit her car is the man who killed her father. Cassie goses on to find this man. Will she make it? Or will she die? Read this story to find out

4 years ago.

"Cassie! Please, Please, Please!" Cried Jenna. "Jenna I told you no! I'm not taking you to some weird get-together." I said. Jenna wanted to go to the beach so she could meet some of her friends and have fun but their was one problem...She was grounded. "Fine get in the car but you owe me $5!" I yelled. We ran in the car and I started driving to the beach. Just as we where going around the cornor a car started speeding by. I was not paying attion to see he was about to hit me. BAM, CRASH!  The only thing I could see was! was! a vishion of my father being killed. The man drove by like nothing happend. I could not speak of what I saw that night of my sister. She was a bludy pulp. And I couldn't move. The only twords that formed in my mouth was "Good bye Jenna" And blacked out.

The End

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