Chapter 3.

I called again that night, but I didn't remind my mother. Luckily, she had forgotten. I didn't bring up the previous conversation, instead asking her how things were at school. It was Friday, but we had been on a plane all day, so Thursday was my last day at school.

"Oh, it was kinda dead. No one can believe you're gone." I hadn't really been popular, but I was friends with everyone. There were some other girls who wore short shorts and tons of preppy makeup everyday, and they considered themselves cool. But everyone knew it was fake. I could only hope they missed me as much as I missed them. She sighed into the receiver.
"I guess I have to find a new gym buddy." I almost laughed. Almost.
"Oh, and Tyler is pretty heartbroken." I chuckled slightly at this. Tyler was this 7th grader who adored me, though the feeling wasn't mutual. He was more of a little brother to me than anything else, but he wanted to be more. He made sure I knew this practically everyday, stopping me in the hallways or getting me to do a slow dance with him at the school dances. I didn't lead him on though. I was very blatant about telling him I wasn't interested. But I was secretly glad to hear he missed me.

"Really? How about Scott?" Scott was in my grade, and every girl had a crush on him , whether they wanted to or not. He was one of those people who made you laugh no matter who hard you fought, who admitted his own mistakes, and was nice to everyone. An all around good guy, and the one whom I had been pursuing for the past two years.
"He's good, I suppose. He asked me where you were, and I told him you had moved. He was really surprised, he said you weren't moving for a couple more weeks. I told him you had left this morning and would probably be in Penn by tonight. He seemed sorta upset!" My heart fluttered once, then died down. A long distance relationship would never work out, I told myself. Besides, he probably would forget by the next day that I ever even went to his school.

"Hm, that's nice," I sighed.
"Jamie, lights out!" My mother called from downstairs. I muttered at her under my breath and threw a water bottle at the door, forcing it to shut.
"Dais, I gotta-"
"I heard it," she said, a smile in her voice. "I'll text you tomorrow."
"Okay, tomorrow." With that I hung it and flicked off the lights, falling to sleep with a grin on my face for the first time in a while.

The End

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