Chapter 2.

Our house was in the middle of the line of identical houses. It reminded me of a cottage. Yes, a cottage, which meant my room was the size of the closet at my old house. The kitchen was probably the largest room in the place. Plus, it was right across the hall from my brother's room, which he had already decorated with posters of professional wrestlers and baseball players. I kept everything packed up. I was trying to make a point to my parents, hoping they would soon realize that I was not pleased with this arrangement. The only things I had unpacked were my sweatshirt, iPod, and cell phone.

It was ringing.
"Hello?" a monotone voice answered from the other end of the live.
"Thank gosh you're answering," I replied, falling down on my sheetless matress. It was so good to hear Daisy's voice, dead as it might sound. It reminded me of California.

"Hey James, how Penn?"
"Horrible," I cried, rolling onto my  side. "1. It's raining. 2. My room is the size of a broom closet. 3. I'm so close to the neighbor's house if I opened my window I could jump into theirs. This is torture!"
"Wow, your life is sounding worse than mine already. That's pretty hard to do." I stopped, a pang of guilt stabbing me in my stomach.

"Thinking about your Dad again?" I asked cautiously. She didn't reply for a few seconds, and I was wondering if she had hung up. Sometimes she had mood swings like this, and I had to be really careful not to get her mad at me.
"Yeah, mom is getting ready for a date." Lisa, Daisy's mom, had been getting back in the game. It's not that I didn't want her to be happy, since she was basically a second mother to me, it was just that I couldn't picture her being withh anyone else except for Mr. Garcia. They were perfect for each other. Let's just say a lot had been happening in Daisy's life lately, and I felt terrible for leaving her at a time like this.
"I'm sorry."

"It's alright...listen, I have to go. Mom needs help with her zipper, so..."
"Yeah," I caught on. Daisy would never, ever help her mother get ready for a date. She was just about to have a breakdown.
"No problem. I'll talk to you later, okay?"
"Yeah. Bye," and I got the dial tone.

At that moment my mom waltzed into my room, carrying a brown box.
"Is that Daisy?" She asked, and I realized I still had my cell up to my ear.
"Um, yeah, Mom. Bye Dais! Okay, I'll talk to you tonight!" I talked over the dial tone. "sorry mom, she had to go." If she knew I was talking to her, she would want to talk to her and Lisa. My mom was weird like that. And she refused to get her own cell phone, so I was stuck with sharing mine with her. Yeah, it was pathetic.

"Oh, well that's fine! Just let me talk to her tonight, okay?"
"Sounds good mom," I said, rolling my eyes, but she didn't see since she had already dropped the box and left the room.

The End

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