The one I used to know

A love story

This was the worst year of my life...and it was just beginning.

Everything looked so dead and dreary in Pennsylvania. Back in California everything and everyone was alive. Here, nothing was exciting enough to convince me that I would have a good time in this place. I had to waste an entire year of my life here, and for that I would never forgive my parents. I vowed. It was actually more of my father's fault than my mother's since he was the one with the new accounting job, but she had agreed to us coming along.

But as I looked out the window at the damp, slouching trees and the bland highway I blamed them both equally. There were raindrops falling lightly down the glass and I traced them with my finger. My mother turned around, the dark circles under her eyes deepening.
"Don't touch the window, Jamie. You'll leave fingerprints."

My brother, Jack, was next to me by the opposite window, playing on his stupid nintendo. Though he had in earbuds, I could still hear the annoying noises of gunshots and explosions. He was only 10 and yet he still knew all about war and guns and whatever. His goal in life was to join the Marines and "blow up bad guys" as he so simply put it. Many times my parents had attempted to explain that this was not all Marines were about, but he refused to listen. I stayed out of it.

Then again, I pretty much tried to stay out of anything my parents were in. If I had a list of people I liked, they would be at the bottom, dead last. At the top, Channing Tatum. Second? My best friend Daisy. Dispite her sunny name, she was a goth and couldn't grow a flower to save her life. But I knew her well before she had dyed her golden blond hair to coal black and started piling on the dark makeup. We had gone to school together our entire lives, and in first grade we really connected. In fourth grade we cried together when her father died. In sixth grade we shared our first crush. In eighth grade she changedher hair and personality, but that didn't separate us. This year would be the ultimate test of faith, since I was completely across the country from her. But I knew nothing would change. I just knew it.

The End

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