The one from Penzburg

The lake was glistening in the mid-morning sun, a light wave touched the shore, and on the right there was a clear views of the Alps. Jurgen was running late, he could already see that the group were being issued small boats. He quickened changing his clothing and soon caught up. The boys stepped into the wooden boats, four to each boat, and once they were all in, began rowing to the far side of the lake. Jurgen and another youth member relaxed while the other two rowed. It was a special weekend activity for the group and Jurgen had been looking forward to it for a while. His mother, anxious at losing her child for a couple of days, dutifully packed a well supplied bag for her boy. As their boat reached half way across the lake, he opened the bag and found the latest copy of his favourite comic strip and some notes written by his grandfather. Upset that Jurgen and the other boy hadn’t offered to row, the others stopped and asked if they would take over and row the remainder of the lake. They agreed.

The End

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