How to Play Squirrel Tag

               To play squirrel tag, it is advised that you are in an area abundantly populated with squirrels. Trees are also necessary in order to play the game. Note that squirres must not be of the Fox Squirrel species, as these do not readily climb trees.

              Upon locating a squirrel, you must first wait until said target begins to climb a tree, preferably at an extremely slow pace. When the squirrel pauses, as these creatures often do, you must begin approaching the tree from the opposite side, bocking your view of the target, and visa-versa.

                 Once you have come close enough to the ress, reach around the trunk (it helps if you have a friend standing at a distance from the squirrel - so as not to scare it - to direct you), and *tag* the squirrel. You may make loud noises if you wish.


The End

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