Raining Blood

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Screeched Emily, she had got a C- and therefore was kicked out of the group, everyone else got A+. "Goodbye" she whimpered before being booted out of the building. "Thank god we got rid of her, I need to get a cocktail" said Elosie. Tom checked the list of children still fit and healthy:
Boys:                                              Girls:
Tom James                                 Jenny Lambert
Brendan Griffiths                    Eloise Drake
David Coulton                          Myfanwy Smith
James Ashford                         Dosheena Givens
Harri Thomas                          Alicia Paulat
Ashley Pie                                 Stephanie Warner

In the bar, everyone was celebrating that they can live for another day. "Such a shame" Eloise said, it was raining outside a tempest was slowly moving in. "Could you turn on the TV please Dan, I want to drink this Cosmos in peace without hearing that thunder storm moving in!" Dan, the bar tender turned on the TV and latest report was
  "Zombie horde running riot, craving flesh" Eloise took a swig of her drink and spat it out like it was "Blood" Eloise said. Everyone either spat or put their drink down. "Eloise, look at the rain" said Harri. "It's only rain"
  "Eloise have you seen the rain?"
  "Why the heck is everyone fussing about rain. "It's not rain" said Brendan..."It's a blood storm"

The End

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