Simulation Training

"GO, GO, GO!!!!!" yelled Myfi. The boys and girls jumped over the pile up on route sixteen, ran the furthest they could. "DON'T LET THEM ESCAPE!!!" yelled David. The entire group ran and ran further, they weren't to fail this challenge, if they get lower than a B+ then they will fail, the must quit the group.
  These are no ordinary children, these are alien bounty hunter, running for the furthest corner of the galaxy trying to rid the world of aliens, and their current task is to terminate the skelebies, shape shifting aliens.
  Jenny was running along when another clone of her jumped over a vandalised car. "GET DOWN!!!!!!!!" screamed Harri, an undeniably tall male member of the group. Emily was running out of puff and she toppled over. Harri shot the version of Jenny in the chest. "ONE MORE!!!" blood was splattered over the bodies of the team members. James was running along when as well another version of him jumped down, he shot it in the fore head, and it fell over.
  A female voice boomed over "Simulation complete" and they all walked out to see their scores.

The End

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