Chapter two: This will never end

What am I doing? Didn't I swear that I was going to give up on all this? Obviously not. I guess my sense of justice won't help me. I thought. Yes, I had decided to go along to meet the person who had sent me the note. And I was dreading that I had ever got involved all those years ago when Damien was still just a little boy. I had seen all the deaths. Boy had I. And I had lost a lot over it. My family, my friends, and my first boyfriend. I was still in pain over that but I think it was the rage I felt at Damien that made me kill him in the end. Cos, I didn't think that I had the heart to do it. That was until he struck out and killed everything that meant something to me. I think that was what was motivating me now to go and see the person. I arrived at the cafe where we were said to meet and looked around for anyone who could have possibly summoned me. So where were they? Was this a joke? Yoo-hoo! Lizzy! A voice called out. I spun around to see a old woman. This was the person who wrote to me! I don't believe it. This just keeps getting whackier every time it happens. I walked over to her and smiled. She is helping, so I might as well be nice. So, would you like to sit down? The woman asked. Yes. I replied. We went to a table and I ordered two cups of coffee. So, what is so important? I asked, sipping the coffee and gazing at the woman. Right. I know that at least two years ago you fought Damien to the death and successfully killed him. Very well done for that. You're a ray of hope. But I don't want to dampen your hopes but I have some very bad news for you. She said, gently. My hand began shaking and I dropped the cup as I raised the skaking hand to my mouth. said. Yes, Lizzy. He is back. And he's coming after you. She dropped the bomb on me. I can't believe it...I said, shaking.

The End

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