The Omen 4: Damien's Return

This story is about a angel who is fighting against the now man Antichrist. She knows that the only way to kill him is via the seven daggers of Megiddo, but what she doesn't know is that he now has a way to kill her. Will she survive?

Chapter one: A mysterious note

I was so sure that it was all over now. I mean, it had been like two years since I had faced him and beat him after three years of trying with death surrounding every thing. I put my newspaper down and looked at the time. Shoot! I was late for work. I ran out of the house and ran to the car. I unlocked it and got in, slamming the door behind me. I drove down the road. I frowned when I saw a sleek black limo behind me. Sure, a lot of rich people lived down here but that still didn't mean they had to follow the people who actually had jobs. I pulled into my work place and got out of the car. It was then that I noticed that there was a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes standing on the other side of the road-eyeing me intently. The way a bird eyes its prey. I flashed a nervous smile and ran inside the work place, heading for my department. Hi, Lindsay, is there any messages for me? I asked my personal secertary. Yes. From a anoynomous source. She said, handing me the note. I frowned and walked off with the note. Something was wrong...I knew that. I sat at my desk and put the note down and stared at it, biting my lip in worry. Should I open it? I breathed heavily and opened it with shaky fingers. It was adressed to me.

Dear Lizzy,

I urge that you meet me at your lunch break. I have most bad news for you. I would like to warn you that you are in the most grave danger.

There was no signature. I didn't even recongize the writing. What now? Seems like danger had reared it's ugly head, sucking me into a upside down world.

The End

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