Why is it always my job?Mature

Molly Moonwalker stared down at Jeffery, and heaved a sad sigh. She was just getting to know him. He had evaded the monsters better than most, so she had gotten used to seeing him around. Now he was dead. Death happened frequently in this town. There was a lot of shouting and screaming outside, but the barroom was relatively quiet for the moment. The bartender pushed a piece of monster off the bar, and turned to Molly.

"Get a mop and help me clean up," he told her.

"Who died and made you master of the universe?" 

"I'm the bartender, and you're the sexy barmaid. It's part of your job to help me clean up."

Molly looked in the mirror behind the bar. She had long blonde hair almost to her waist, and startling green eyes. The outfit she was wearing involved black leather that barely covered the essentials- the emphasis being on the word barely. A little white frilly apron that suddenly appeared around her waist suggested that she was a barmaid, or at least some kind of servant. It was really incongruous with the quiver of arrows on her back, the sturdy longbow in her right hand, and the lethal looking knife strapped to her left thigh.

Just then a large, brown and scaly dragon crashed through the plate glass window in the front of the barroom. Molly jumped on the bar among the remains of the monster and Jeffery, and set an arrow from her quiver into her long bow. The bartender grabbed a very sharp double edged battleaxe from under the bar. Molly shot a poison tipped arrow right into the creature's eye. Strangely, it only had one. The thing bellowed fire and sulphur in it's dying breath. The bartender, who's name was William, ran forward and chopped the dragon's head off.

"What did you do that for? It was already dead," she said.

"You never know with dragons. Sometimes they're not really dead. You cut off their heads, they're really dead. Anyway, it's just another big mess. Come down off the bar and help me get it out of here."

"Why is it always my job?" she grumbled.


The End

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