"He shouldn't have said anything."Mature

The monsters came. The people of the small hamlet would fight them off, and then the monsters would come again. And again. And again.

There seemed to be no end. Not one the people of the hamlet could see. Not that they had time to worry about such things. As soon as they were comfortable, another creature would come from beyond the hills in the distance.

And yet despite this, the hamlet grew, more and more people flooding in.

One day one of the longest standing residents gathered most of the people into one spot, the local pub (or saloon as some of the people called it).

He announced in a loud voice, "We are no longer a hamlet. We are now a town in our own right. We shouldn't let—"

His words were cut off by the loud roar of an approaching monster. This one sounded bigger than all of the others before it.

Some of the people stayed where they were, most of them sitting at tables around the man who had been speaking. Others quickly ran outside to see what the commotion was all about. 

 "They have no idea what's coming, do they?" Jeffery Stillwater asked. He took a sip from a mug, not expecting an answer.

 The man sitting across from him was a newcomer. He hadn't run out with the others. Instead he seemed to revel in the conversation around him. So far he had said nothing, but the look in his eye told Jeffery that something was coming.

 "You know," the newcomer said slowly, "these monsters aren't really what they seem. In fact, they aren't really monsters."

 And there it is, Jeffery thought. He's gone and done it.

 Just then the roar of the approaching monster changed, as if the creature was changing direction. Jeffery knew exactly where he was going, but he kept still all the same. He sipped his mug, waiting for the inevitable. 

 A loud crash came from above as a huge bolder ripped through the second floor of the pub. The sound of splintering wood was deafening, but there wasn't time for anyone to cover their ears or react in any sort of meaningful way.

 Jeffrey moved his mug closer to his face and pushed himself away from the table just a fraction of a second before the bolder crushed the newcomer, killing him instantly and sending the table flying toward the bar. Luckily the bartender knew it had been coming, so he had already ran for cover.

 Jeffery sipped his mug as if nothing had happened. "He shouldn't have said anything."

The End

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