The olde Ship InnMature


The day was bitter as a red Fiat parked on a street.Inside sat two people Barbara Trent and her husband Tom.Tom wound down the window in his passenger seat and gazed at a sign.New Oaks Estate Agents,Barbara held documents in her hand.”Tom,Are We doing the right thing?”.Tom said “It is a fresh start for us,A new beginning”.They emerge and enter keenly.A young man called Allan ushered them to his table.”You like it then”.

Barbara smiles”Fully furnished you said”

Allan steps up to the window and removes the photo and details.

Tom says “ We can contact the brewery straight away”.

Allan reaches in his desk.”Your keys”.

Barbara takes them and looks pleased.

“This is a dream for Me”.

Allan shows them out.”26 Falnoth Rd,All the best”.

The couple step out into the street and return to the car.

They open it and step in.

Allan sees the drive off.” I give them six months tops”

Craig says “ I give it a year.”

“ Twenty pounds on it?”.

“No keep it,It is up to them now”.

The Fiat pulls into a large forecourt .

Tom is first out and looks at the kids area.

Barbara walks up to the swinging sign.

“The olde ship inn,At last our own pub and hotel”.

Tom catches up and opens the door.

“It smells still fresh”.

“But it has been closed for a year”.

Barbara closes the door.

In the play area laughs of kids are clearly heard.

But no one is around.


The olde ship inn

Barbara checks the pumps.Tom finds a collection of postcards in a drawer.Showing the pub in all its stages.”Barbara look at these,I just found them”. Barbara flicks through them “This is nearly 100 years old”.Tom finds a bottle of bubbly.”Lets toast”.

“So many things to do Tom.Call the brewery get established again.Hire staff for the 20 rooms and catering in the kitchen”.

“Don’t worry love.We can do it.”

In the play area the swings start to move by themselves.

Giggling rises to a crescendo.Tom Says “That’s my car alarm”.

Tom rushes out and clicks it off.

As Tom closes the door it starts again.

He opens the door and clicks it.

Barbara sits at a window as he comes in.

Tom says “Lets check out the rooms.And see where We can install cable tv.”

Barbara tries the lift.

“Its out of order”.

“We’ll take the stairs”.Tom smiles and takes her hand.

As the door closes the lift door opens.

Tom turns the handle to the door.

“It wont open”.

“let Me try”.

Barbara turns it easy.”Come on”.

At the bottom of the stairs whispers are audible.

Tom finds a key to the first room.They see a bed and drawer.

She opens the top Gideon’s Bible is placed neatly.

Tom enters a small room.” I got the toilet”.

“That’s good”.

Barbara settles on the bed.

Tom enters”How about it ?”.

Barbara pulls back the bed clothes.

“We can sort it out tomorrow”

As he strips the door handle starts to turn.

Barbara sat at a chalk board as Tom passed by.

Tom gazed at the blackness.”Need any help?”

“No,I am fine just in thought.Three weeks ago We barely knew this place.Now We have staff from the agency and others will follow in time”

Tom looked at the chalk in her hand.”I changed the locks from keys to cards.”

Barbara set about the times.

The olde ship inn lunch menu

And general menu

8-10 Breakfasts (guests only)

12-2 Lunch

4-6 Supper

Guests can aquire meals at their rooms if requested.

Barbara looked at it and placed it by the door on entry.

Tom stands in the Bar “I like it”.

Kevin plugs in the plasma screen. Kevin asks “What band is it tonight boss”.

“Just Tom please,It is the Spice girls tribute band.They are said to be good”.

“Who are the Spice girls?”.

“Before your time,They call themselves Queen Spice.It is men in drag singing their songs”.

Clarke types in the till and sees the amount “systems working Tom”.


Tom opens the doors and sits in the office.

Barbara comes at his side”This is it”.




A van embossed as a rental arrives.Four men emerge and enter.They walk into the bar area and see the screen.”Hey Terry look at this screen”. Kevin starts on the first floor and slides a card in the door .

He walks in and gazes at the tv.”Why is the cable faulty?.”

Then he looks around “ Is someone there,Hello!”.

Kevin continues on the set.And then the toilet flushes.

Kevin stops in his tracks.”This is not funny you know”.

He places his tools on the floor and edges to the door carefully.

He slowly turns the handle.

Unaware that a screwdriver starts to levitate in the air.

Theres a knock on the door.The screwdriver falls as Kevin lets the maid in.”Hello Kevin,I have bedding.”.

“Go on Sandra,I wont take long myself”.

Sandra wheels in the trolley and removes towels for the Bathroom.

She enters as Kevin looks stunned.

“Kevin,Whats wrong?”.

“Did it seem normal to you in there?”.

“Of course,Whats got you ?”.

“Maybe my imagination.But I swear I …no forget it I am ok”.

Kevin fixes the tv and leaves with Sandra.

Suddenly the tv comes alive.And flicks through the channels.

Claire is at the kitchen and prepares a meal for the men.

Tom stands in the forecourt and looks up.

Up above curtains twitch.

Tom takes the master key from the wall and goes up the stairs.

He sees room 11 and slides the key in the lock.

Tom pushes the door open and turns on the light.

But it cuts out.He tries it again and a chair turns towards him.

He stretches to the lamp and turns on.

Sitting beside it is a old woman.The lamp falls as Tom runs and closes the door.He sweats in fear and braves a return.

Tom slides in the key. And sees Colin and calls him.

They enter together.Colin puts the light on.Tom looks around.

And picks up the lamp.

“Tom,What has got you?”.

“I don’t think you’d believe me if I told you”.

The sun shone in the cool breeze.Outside The olde ship inn a coach party arrived.Six people stepped from the coach and the driver unloaded the cases.”Enjoy your stay”.He continued “See you in a week”.

Two young male porters helped them with the cases.At the reception stood Jayne Harris.”Welcome , You are the 60’s break”.

“That’s us,You got us down”.

Jayne turned the terminal and said “Party for six ,Three rooms”.

Colin Baxter the senior porter arrived.The lift opened as newly weds came out laughing and gave in their card to the room.”We’ll be back at five”.Jayne placed the key on room 5 hook.

Tom entered “Now we are busy, who would have thought it three months on”.

Claire shouts the orders to four new cooks.

“Table 7,2 steaks,table 9 2 chickens !”.

Sam and Kevin man the bar.

Kevin looks at her skirt.”New is it?”.

“Its in the wash,remember Thursday”.

“Don’t I just,same again this Thursday”.

“We’ll see”.

Barbara takes the Hamptons to room 12.

“Enjoy your stay.menus and times are by the bed”.

Frank says “Is it true?”.

Barbara looks perplexed “What?”.

“This hotel is haunted”.

“I have yet to see one”.

Frank closes the door as Barbara leaves.Betty opens her case.” when is tea love?”.

“We can make our own”. He points at a kettle.”Got the bags?”.

“Just a minute”.

Frank looks through the window.”Theres kids out there”.


“That’s nice “.

“look at their attire.It is Victorian”.

Barbara walks through the bar and in the kitchen.She moves to a side door and enters her living quarters.She relaxes and turns on the tv.

In a doorway is a impression of a shadow of a man.”Tom!,Is that you”.

She turns to see an empty doorway.Colin patrols the corridors.The lift opens,As he nears it shuts.He presses to no avail.Sam Says” We need more bitter Kev”.

“Ok,Get steve to fill in for me”.

Sam picks up the phone as Kevin sets off.Steve answers it in the lounge area.”Hello,Hello Sam…Ok.Give me two minutes”.

Sam puts down the phone.Kevin gets the key to the cellar.He turns it and opens and leaves it in the lock.As he goes downstairs the door slowly closes.The key turns on its own.Kevin says “God its cold down here”.He tries the lights”Shit!,does anything work here”.

Whispers are heard.”Is anybody there,hello?”.

Kevin reaches for a candle on the wall.He takes a lighter from his pocket.”Come on,That’s good now wheres the bitter pipes”.

Kevin feels the markings on the kegs and shines the light to see.Steve stands by Sam.”Kev’s a long time”.

“ Its his first time”.

Kevin hears foot steps “ You don’t scare me”.

Scraping starts to occur.Kevin looks up as a shadow engulfs him.He lets out a scream.Steve says “ I am checking on him”.

“Don’t be too long”.

Steve arrives at the door and turns the key.

Further down Steve puts on the light and sees Kevin on the floor.

“Oh my god,Kev,Kev”.He places his fingers to his neck. And runs upstairs and calls for a ambulance.Sam sees and enquires.”Don’t go down there”.


“You didn’t see his face.”

“You speak as though he is…”

“Dead,I think he is”.



Sam runs to the door.”What?,How?”.

“Maybe the rumours are true”.

Barbara watches as a stretcher is fetched into the hotel.Two medics place Kevin on it.They cover his face and take him away.Sam cries as Colin comforts her”Only 26 the poor lad”.

Sam clutches his keyring.”He won it at a fare.”

Tom talks to the medics.” I will notify his relatives”.

Barbara gets a knock on her door.

“Come Quick” says a male voice.

Barbara runs and misses the ambulance.

Tom catches her “Kevin just said theres a body”.

“It cant be”.

“Who is it?”.

Tom takes her to the lounge area.”I get a coffee.You will need it”.

Barbara sits as he pays and brings it over.He stops and says “Could you put a nip in there.Brandy,anything”.

He takes it and puts it a drop of Brandy in it. Tom says “I will put the difference later Graeme”.


Tom hands it to Barbara.She takes a sip.”Whats in this?”.

“Never mind,The medics have all the details”.

“Is it a resident or what”.

“ I don’t have the full details as yet but a Bar man was found dead”.

“Where is Kevin?”.

“That’s just it.This is Kevins 2nd week bar duty.Samantha Carroll ran short on bitter.Kevin went down.He never came up.Kevin is dead.That was who they took out.”

“But I saw him . He called me to come”.

Tom looks around.

“Maybe I did see that woman.And I wasn’t under pressure”.

Samantha stands in the forecourt.Tom tells Barbara “ She will follow Kevin to the hospital”.



Colin keeps watching the empty lift.”Bloody kids messing about”.

A black figure observes as he steps inside.Colin presses for the ground floor.The lift suddenly drops out of control.

Colin holds onto the bars and then it stops.Colin steps out on the top floor.He sees kids at the forecourt.A shadow merely stands there as Colin uses the stairs.Laughing is heard on the stairway.”Who’s there?”.He walks down carefully.Frank shows Betty a brochure.

“Look at this,Devonshire Ghost walks.It is only down the road”.

“Tomorrow I am Too Tired”.

Frank says “can you hear that?”.

“What dear?”.

“Did you leave a tap on in the Bathroom?”.


Frank goes into the bathroom.

The bath appears full .He reaches for the plug .The water starts to go red and hot.Suddenly a hand grabs his he pulls back and slips.A female with a cut wrist rises up.Frank looks in fear as she climbs out.

Betty runs in and sees the empty bath.Frank is motionless and Betty screams.Claire Shouts out the orders.And the phone rings.

She picks it up.Claire says “Its dead”.

Suddenly the whole hotel falls into blackness.

Stewart sees a figure at the fuse box.

“Thanks Kevin”.

The figure walks away.

The lights flicker back.

Colin emerges from the stairs.

Barbara returns to her living area.

Tom follows Barbara and they see a tv show.

“Welcome to Guest Haunts with Jennie and Andy Guest.This week We visit a castle with a history of ghosts.The Hallway is said to have a grey lady.A lost love .We will know tonight.”

Tom says “lets call them”.

“It is not serious here”.



Then they hear sirens outside.They rush out and climb the stairs to the forecourt.Another is covered in a blanket.

“We don’t have a choice Barbara”.

“I Think you maybe right”.

That night Barbara and tom retired in their quarters.The morning

Came quickly.Samantha was sitting in a hospital chair in a waiting room.Doctors and nurses passed her by through the night. Then she saw his family and they held her as the strange story unfolded into the early dawn.Barbara awoke and felt eyes on her neck as she prepared breakfast. Tom entered the bathroom and started to shave.In the mirror a new face looked back at him.Cut and torn,tom shot out to Barbara . A shadow was by the kitchen door.Tom chucked a towel and he grabbed her.”Are you ok?”.

“A bit on edge”.

“Call those people asap.We cant take much more”.

Colin chats to Graeme and stewart on the stairs.

Betty walks in worn out.Stewart makes her tea.

Colin sits her down.

“is he?”.

“Yes, on the way there.He said of a woman in the bath.”

“She came back”.

“You knew about this woman”.

“Only from the rumours “.

Betty is given the tea “On the house”. Graeme returns to the bar.

Betty says”Can you organise transport,I want to leave”.

“I understand”.

Tom walks through the kitchen.And the phone rings.

He lifts it up.


He puts it back down.

Barbara logs on to the web.

It flashes as the Guest couple appear through the fog.

Barbara fills in the details.

Through the day she returns to check.

Then it speaks.

“You have mail”.

Barbara clicks it and reads and smiles.

“I have to close down for a few days then “.

Tom dresses as Barbara finds a black tie.She hands it to him.Claire puts a black band on her arm.and stands quietly in the kitchen.Outside black cars arrive as workers go in.Tom and Barbara follow on in the Fiat.They drive slowly to the edge of the forecourt and leave.

Samantha stands tearfull at the church steps.She watches as the coffin is taken through.Tom and Barbara arrive to see them going inside.

They follow and take their seats.Organ music plays as the people settle down.tom lifts up the Hymms to be played.

The vicar starts to speak.

“We are here today for the love and cherish of Kevin Thomson.26 and a friend to us all.We liked his skills of D.I.Y. and then bar man.But others will know him for his humour,The sports he played.Jane,John,Kate will all miss him.And especially Samantha who was there for him in his last hours”.

Later at the hotel the wake is held.Graeme says “We are out of bitter”.

Stewart offers but finds the door locked.Graeme shouts”Thanks!”.

Stewart returns”I did nothing”.

“I Don’t understand”.

“But you think it could be…”

“It cant be”.

Later Tom says”We close a few days next week then”.

“Yes, I stopped the bookings till after they are gone”.

“That’s good”.

Tom pours a cold drink and then changes for work.

Colin checks the last people out of the door.

The bar closes down.

Claire emerges from the kitchen.

“Is the hotel empty now?”.

“Not a soul Claire”.

Colin gives the room a last look.

Tom locks the front door.

On the stairs a small child smiles and laughs.

Barbara sat at the bar window as a blue van appeared.Three men emerged carrying steadicams and a fourth surfaced with sound boom towering over him.Then a silver car parked neatly in the forecourt.

Jennie Guest talked to the men as more cars appeared.In the kitchen Tom was with Graeme,Stewart and Claire.

“You realise what is going on”.

Claire said”We will help where we can”.

Stewart sees Colin in the doorway.”They have arrived Tom”.

“Thanks for your support,Relax until your required”.

Barbara opens the front door.”Come in”.

Jennie says”The hotel closed?”.

“Yes,for a few days now”.

“That’s great”.

The camera men arrive in “Meet Len,Clive,and Steve”.


They reply, a tall man enters “I am a Parapschologist”.

The Boom operater comes in and two girls.

“We do the make up”.

Jennie opens a Laptop.

“Andrew will arrive later,Now tell me all that happens”.

Barbara begins as Tom gives the crew breakfast.

On the first floor a RAF man walks a corridor and vanishes.

A little girls voice is heard”Will they take us?”.

Tom joins Barbara in the chat.

Jennie says “Lets begin Steve,Practice run”.

Jennie walks to the stairs,Steve shortly after.

Barbara asks”Will they be okay?”.

Clive Says”Don’t worry”.

Jennie reaches the first floor.

Steve starts the camera.

“Turn the lights off Steve”.


As he switches it off ,Orbs rise up.

Jennie says”Did You catch that.That is brilliant”.

Barbara sits worried.

Tom holds her hand.”It is for the best”.

Jennie uses a card to enter a room.

“Can you feel the chill Steve?”.

“Its below zero I am sure”.

Then the door slams shut.

Jennie struggles “Help me Steve”.

Steve stands in awe.

A naked woman stands at the bathroom door.

“Steve help me open this door”.

“Cant you see her”.

The door gives and they run out.

And straight in the lift.

Lights flicker as it starts to descend.

Blackness strikes and it hangs.

Unaware that a face is there in the darkness.

Tom notices the lift”Oh my god!,The fools”.

Barbara can only observe.

Tom presses the button until it moves.

The doors shortly open.

Jennie and Steve come running.

“Lets check the film in the van”.Jennie says.

Steve opens the camera and shows Jennie.

“No film Jen,I wasn’t prepared”.

“But what We saw was good enough”.

In the room a reel of film rises in the air.

It floats and then bursts into flame.

Jennie downs a scotch.

Kids laugh as the tyres go down on the van.



Barbara indicates to the crew.

“Your van is being tampered with”.

Clive runs out to see.

In a moment he returns.

“All the tyres are slashed,the cars too”.

Jennie goes to Clive.”We will do the exterior shot and main guide.”.

Clive lifts his camera and moves to follows Jennie outside.

Jennie smartens up and Says”Ok I am Ready now”.

Day 1 12Hrs

Today We stand in the grounds of The olde ship inn.Will We discover what lurks in these walls”.

Jennie indicates cut as Clive stops.

Claire sits as Jennie nods

“So you’re the head chef,What makes you think this is haunted”.

“Strange phone calls,Always dead.It often happens”.

Colin is next”How can I help?”.

Jennie continues”You walk the corridors,what have you seen?”.

“Children are often heard.Footsteps are very often”.

Jennie hints to cut.

Day 1 14Hrs

Andrew arrives at the forecourt and locks his car.And steps inside.

Jennie greets him and says”Can You feel anything?”.

“I see a old man in the bar,Can We go through .He is called Fred.

Fred is telling Me that this hotel consumes the good.Evil runs this place.”Clive follows Andrew as he enters the bar.

“Stop,Theres a young man standing just there…speak up….he is called Kevin,Anyone know a Kevin”.

Barbara Says”He worked here”.

“He says that he is okay.But there is something in control here”.

Tom asks”What thing?”.

Andrew says “I have to stop a while before We carry on.”

Steve sees the lift work by itself.

He leaves the group to explore.

The doors open for him and he enters.

Suddenly Andrew jolts in his chair.

“Theres a steve I can hear.he is telling us to get out”.

Jennie looks around.

“Andrew our steve is gone”.

Day 1 1430Hrs

Andrew Says”Lets start up stairs”.

Len stays in the kitchen.

Tom shows Andrew around to the first room.

Claire makes some toast.

Andrew stands by the drawers”This room holds many memories.Not good ones.I feel yes I feel a sense of fear here.There is a little boy playing on the floor.He is laughing,What is funny?.The boy says that no one leaves here alive.Lets move to the room next door.”

Barbara tries the front door.”Its locked,I cant open it”.

Tom opens another door and puts on the light.

Andrew says “This room is clear,I cant sense anything here”.

As they leave the bathroom opens.

Vapour seeps the bed as a young woman appears.

She opens the door to the corridor.

The paraschycologist spots her and suddenly grabs his arm.

The woman drags him inside.

His skin goes pale in seconds.

He is lifted to the mirror.

The woman laughs as he falls down dead.

Then the vapour leaves the room.

Andrew turns around”Something is wrong,I feel a loss”.

Tom notices a man gone.

“Hes gone”.

Andrew and Jennie look back.

Whispers go through the stairs.

Colin notices the lift.

He sees steve working on his camera.

“Need a hand”.

The door closes behind Colin.

Secounds later theres a scream of horror.

The lift leaves.

Claire notices the hobs flaring up.

She tries to control.Then one spurts and catches her.

Len tries to roll her over.

He sees a skeletal face back at him.

Len runs out to Stewart ,Barbara and Graeme.upstairs Tom shows Andrew room five.The girls sense the chill in the air.

Andrew says”I see a lost soul here.Can you give a name please. I am getting a Claire.In her twenties.Her body is burned.She is known to you Tom.”.

Tom tries the door but it wont budge.Barbara feels Claire’s neck for a pulse.”She is dead”.

Barbara goes to the phone in the bar.And tries to call out.

But all she gets is dead silence.

Barbara lifts a chair and throws it at a window.The chair hits with a crack and falls to pieces at her feet.Len opens the side door but something grips the other side and closes it.

Len says “I will find Tom”.

Len runs up the side stairs by the lift.

A smell engulfs the air as a rotted body stands in front of him.The body shoves him over.Len looks up to the empty eye sockets.His last breath hangs in the air.Andrew finally gets the door open.

Jennie grabs the door to the stairs.”Don’t go Tom”.

“I must”.

“This is a find for us “.

“At what cost!”.

Andrew grabs him “We must play this out til the end”.

The make-up girls see Steve at a doorway they enter.

The door slams shut as they scream.

Clive says”I cant take this now”.

Andrew faces Jennie “Let him go”.


Tom leaves as fast as he can.

He finds a body”Len?”.

Tom rolls it over”You poor sod”.

Andrew and Jennie move on to room six.

Clive spots orbs in the air.

Tom forces the door open.

Barbara catches him as he falls out.

“Barbara they are mad”.

“Claire is dead”.

“I just found Len dead”.

“Len is dead”.

The camera focuses on the couple.

Clive watches as Andrew enters.

The make-up girls sit in front of the mirror.

Jennie taps one on the shoulder.

The heads topples off.

Andrew holds Jennie”This is us now”.

Clive drops the camera and runs.

Jennies knees her husband and follows.

Clive sees Jennie at his heels and enters the lift.

She bangs the door as it closes.

Clive is covered by a shadow.

Jennie decides on the stairs.

And runs up.

Tom and Barbara see the boys sitting in the bar area.

Then the music starts up.

The phone rings.

The till opens and shuts.

Barbara goes to the lads.

“Do something come on”.

Tom says”They cant not now”.

“What do you mean?”.

Tom bends them on the table.


“Splinters from the mirror in the bar”.


The lift opens as a body slumps to the floor.

Tom says”It is Clive “.


“Is there any other way”.

Barbara says “We cant break the windows”.

“What are you saying?”.

“We are trapped,This hotel may kill us all”.

Tom tries the front door.

Chalk moves on the board and scrawls.

“Your fucked”.

Tom kicks it over.

Tom grabs Barbara”We got to be strong now, there is a fire escape from room 18, if We can get there.We may get out”.

“I know what that means”.

“It is that or play the sordid game of death from this hotel”.

Barbara holds his hand.

“No other way?”.

“No other way”.

Tom braces as the door gets closer.

“Together we may stand a chance”.

Tom kicks the door as the race begins.

Barbara freezes at the first step.

“You must do it”.

“I know that’s what scares me.”

Tom shuts the door as they return to the bar.

Tom gets a shot of brandy and whiskey each.

“Dutch courage”.

“I will try tom .but this is all we had. Our ideal place”.

“I know ,But We have no choice now”.

Andrew stands at a door as it opens”I serve you now”.

The door slams shut.


Jennie runs up the stairs and arrives at a corridor.

She collapses exhausted.

Tom and Barbara return to the steps.

“Now it is four sets of stairs,We can do it”.


“Concentrate as you run.Now it is about 90 steps . Count down if it helps”.

“Alright,I must do it.I must do it”.

“Are you ready,I am beside you all the way”.

They give a last hug and a kiss.

“Lets do it”. Barbara says sternly.

Tom grips her hand very tight “Now!”.

Barbara starts mentally counting through the blackness.


She takes a breath and continues.

Jennie listens to the air of peace on her floor.

She finds a room open.

“Theres a fire escape”.

The door suddenly slams shut.

Andrew walks up the stairs .

Jennie struggles with the door.

She sees a chair and chucks it at the window.

The window gets a slight crack.

Jennie uses a letter opener to ease it open.

Andrew reaches her floor.

Jennie hears footsteps and hides in the bathroom.

Andrew slowly opens every door to the rooms.

They open as if by control.

Jennie holds the opener tight as they pass her door.

Andrew says “It is only me Jennie”.

She turns to see a young man at her side.

“Don’t scream,I mean no harm”.

“What do you want?”.

“I am Kevin.I am your only way out”.

“But you?”.

“I have been claimed.But you have got a chance “.

Jennie says”Okay”.

Jennie and Kevin leave the room.

The lights flicker and explode.

A RAF man strolls past.

“Run miss run”.

Andrew catches her arm.

“Jennie.It is all going to be okay now”.

“Let me go!”.

“I cant,You don’t understand”.

Kevin goes for Andrew but sends him reeling to the floor.

Andrew holds Jennie tightly.

“Give in Jennie”.


The opener slips from her hand.

She struggles to reach it.

A few days later.

The bar stands empty and alone.A tapping comes from the kitchen.

It is revealed to be a dripping tap.The surfaces are shining like new.

Sounds come from the cellar as a keg is changed.

The living area is clean as a new house.

The next floor glints new lights.Doors close by themselves.

A sound of a trolley is heard.

The lift opens of its own accord.




The sign outside sways back and fore.

The lights in the rooms alternate.

A newspaper flies in the street.

It flicks to deaths and Betty Hampton is written down.

On a computer the keys come alive.

And start writing words rapidly.

Then the doors slam shut.

Night eases over the building like a blanket.

Cars pass unaware.

The forecourt is empty.

Windows appear to show shadows or maybe people.

Morning comes briskly as a car parks outside.

Two people look at the style and so leaves.


Craig pours a cuppa for allan as a fax beeps in.

“Hey look at this”.

“The olde ship inn is back in our books”.

“Strange how the tv crew and all never appeared again”.

“There is rumours that a tape exists on the net of their last show”.

Allan puts the picture in the window.

As a car draws up outside.

Craig starts to put a fresh brew on as two people enter.

Moments later the picture is removed and returned.

At the forecourt the gate swings shut as kids laugh.


The End

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