The Old Ones

Kiera shouted, waking herself from her slumber. Cold sweat trickled down her body making her clammy; throwing off the quilt, rising from the bed she catches a brief glimpse of her reflection in the mirror. Hair affray, looking wild she walks to the bathroom and turnds on the shower. She waits for the water to warm contemplating her dream.

Angels were flying, hiding as if afraid from what she had no idea. The faces she saw were disfigured and torn, like lepers awaiting the final breathe, yet they seemed somehow familiar.

She got out the shower and stood for a few minutes, afraid.

"Whats got into you girl?" she said aloud to herself as she brushed her long hair. " it was only a dream for God's sake, get a grip". Yet her voice was edged with nervous tension.

She returns to the bedroom, strips the bed of its linen and remakes it with fresh bedding. She tries to sleep again. After clock watching for over half an hour she rises again and pads into the kitchen.

The End

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