An Eerie Night In The Study

an old man begins to uncover the long-lost secrets of his ancestors and their old manor

It was an exceedingly windy night, so much so that the loose window frames were rattling against the glass they held.  Thunder struck every once in a while, lighting up the black sky with its partner, the lightning.  Rain pounded against every exposed inch of the old place.  The house looked menacing in the storm, but there was no one around to be afraid of it.  There was something spooky and eerie about that night, but it didn’t phase Joseph.  He had seen many a night such as this one in that old house, as had his ancestors in generations past.  What few electrical lights he still had flickered on and off but the flames to the candles and lamps lit in the room waved back and forth with the swift breeze that leaked in through the window.  Every once in a while, a flame would go out and he’d gradually stand up and walk over to the window pane and relight it.  His bones creaked, but that was just age doing its deed on his already brittle body.  His hands shook but turned each page as best they could.  The pages were even older than he was, and that fascinated him to no end.  The words were just legible enough to comprehend.  This night was one of reflection and contemplation.  What was to become of the old manor?  how many of its secrets had he yet to discover?  Just how much did he know about his ancestors?  Just as he thought of these things, he heard a crack of thunder, followed by a bolt of lightning that lit up the entire sky, and suddenly, the lights went out.  Even his candles.

He sighed and reached out to set the old decrepit book on his desk, only to have it miss and fall on the floor.  Instinctively, he dropped to the ground to search for it.  He couldn’t see in the dark, much less without his glasses, which had fallen off in the process as well.  He fumbled around on the floor of the study for a few minutes until he hit something with his hand.

The End

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