Metaphorical Impact

The whole walk with Amber and Sam after school did not go well.  Sam and I were both quiet, and we pretended to listen to Amber's void-filling voice.  

"Hello!"  Amber yelled.  I jumped in unison with Sam.  "What the heck is wrong with you two?  You're both so quiet,"  Amber observed.

"I have a bad head ache,"  Sam said first.  

"I just don't feel good,"  I offered.  Sam stole a glance at me, but I wouldn't meet his gaze.  I was still a little mad at him for last night.

"Well that's not any fun.  Why don't you feel well, Nikki?" She asked.

"Uhm, crappy day is all.  Got sent to the office."  I explained shortly.  I didn't mention the other reasons.

"Oh, for what?"  Amber was really interested, and I mentally kicked myself for inviting her along at lunch.  What the heck was I thinking?  I chided myself.

When we got to the second floor, Amber kissed Sam good-bye, and we went into my apartment and sat on the couch.  I offered her a fake smile, but she knew I didn't feel well.  She didn't know that it was my anger that kept me from being cheery.  She didn't have a clue, and instead she just told me to down and rest, and that she would call a cab after saying bye to Sam for the night. 

"Amber, before you go, there's something I need to tell you."  I knew I'd catch hell for this.

I took a deep breath, clearing my own rage for the moment.  I braced myself for the metaphorical impact her anger would have on me.  But I knew that I couldn't let her leave without telling her.  She deserved to know, even if I shouldn't be the one to tell her.

"What's up?"  She sat on the couch facing me.  

I took another deep breath.

"Sam and I kissed last night.  Amber, I'm really sorry;  I don't know what came over us.  I feel so--"  She didn't let me finish.  Instead, she laughed.

"Nikki, I know how you feel.  To be honest, I knew this would happen sooner or later.  You and Sam are so close; it was inevitable.  I wish Sam would've broken up with me before you guys did anything, but I understand.  I'm not mad, so don't beat yourself up over it.  

"Besides, I was thinking about breaking up with him today anyway,"  Amber explained.  Altogether, my guilt and chagrin faded, and I remembered just why I loved this girl. 

"Thanks, Amber.  But why were you thinking of breaking up with him?"  I asked, returning to my old self.

"Well, first off, I see the way he looks at you.  Secondly, I got bored and lost interest.  Thirdly, it's come to my attention that Adam likes me, and honestly, I think we're better suited for each other than Sam and I were.  Does that make any sense?"  

"It makes all the sense in the world.  Amber, thanks for being the greatest friend ever."

We laughed and hugged, and she was just ready to leave when there was a knock on my door.  

"I got it,"  Amber said as she twisted the knob.  

Sam sheepishly peered in at us, a shy smile hiding behind his lips.  "Hey, good, you're still here.  I think we need to talk,"  he said.

Amber looked back at me and began laughing so hard she nearly fell over.  Sam was taken aback, and I grinned foolishly along with her.  

"Did I miss something here?"  He asked.  He was clearly bewildered.

"Sam, no need for the break up talk.  It's covered, alright.  We're cool, I'm not angry.  But I gotta go.  My cab will be here any minute now; you know how they don't like waiting.  I'll see you guys tomorrow."  With another girlish giggle that we were so accustomed to, Amber left to catch her cab.

I patted the couch cushion beside me, gesturing that he should join me.  When he sat down, I attacked him with a lingering kiss that surprised us both.

The End

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