“Some promises should not be made”

A tip toe killer kills the famous writer Miranda Evans.....
On the very night she finished her latest novel.....

Why, who and for what??

“Only sweet dreams were left to remember, lying peacefully and running out of air. As the dark land consumes me in slowly. I’ve only hoped for a better ending but fortunately nothing gets better than this.” With one last look at the burned ceiling, Jane closes her eyes and hopes to rest in peace in the land of eternity. At least she’d be out of this worldly suffering.

With these last words, Miranda Evans hits the save button on her laptop and lays back in her comfy swivel chair and shuts down the laptop. She smiles and looks towards her right side at the calendar on the oak table with happiness. She did it again, another book written and it was time to call her publisher to break the news. Miranda, 47 years old is an accomplished fan fiction writer at the peak of her career. She lost her husband four years ago in an accident, no children and only distant family, she started her novel writing just to release her pain and soon her imagination became famous and favorite stories of many. One could only hope for such accomplishments, but she was one of the lucky people who got something out of their misery. She just finished her latest book “Dejection” and it was one of her proud works.

Never could Miranda imagine what the next few moments would be for her, this one minute she was joyous about her money making book and was in the mood of celebration. And the next morning, she’d be lying dead on the white colored plush textured carpet of her bedroom. By the looks of it, she was brutally stabbed at least six to seven times and with the white carpet brushed in red, as if painted especially by someone. Her eyes wide open, it was often said that there was a possibility that the murderer’s picture is captured in the eyes of the victims, but science hasn’t discovered that, yet. Her body was discovered by the housekeeper Mary at about 9:13 AM, obviously something that she wasn’t expecting to clean up. With the police foraging the entire house and surrounding, questioning neighbors and asking for any suspicious activity on the dead author’s premises last night between 11:30 PM to 12:40 AM.

No burglar would stab the victim these many times and this was no random robbery. The back door was probably opened by a Pick set, but what are the odds that Miranda didn’t hear something at this time of night, what was happening there? A silent, clever and tiptoeing killer made its way through the house to the bedroom on the second floor and kills the writer and makes it way out of the house, without anyone around the area noticing. 

The End

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