Does intelligence or compassion save the goose

A tale of goose survival.

“The old grey goose she ain’t what she used to be “ Stan mused aloud.

Stan mused aloud a lot and patiently ignored, but this time Aunt Rhody heard and she might have said a dirty word, but that does not matter.

The grey goose with a honkable name had caused a minor rift in the town’s populace. There was an even split between those whom thought this goose had saved its caboose by being either intelligent or compassionate.

The facts to prove who right shed no new light under the suspicion of fowl bribery. No paper trail or phone video, but a home Super-8 movie recently found could solve this divisive mystery.

The movie camera had been set stationary and turned on to view the secret life of  young geese. The video focused on a brother and sister goose inadvertently during a time their feeder had died. The daily stale bread was not served meaning these geese had resorted to pond insects for nutritional needs.

A young worker named Sunshine was tending nearby hives of honeybees when she noticed these two geese not getting fat. She reported this to the conservatory and was given barely enough food daily to get one goose fat.

Movie footage shows the grey goose had let her brother of whiter feathers eat all the fattening breads without a honk of complaint. The grey goose’s very plump brother was served and the chef given high compliments.

This old grey goose had been skinny and frail and no one wanted her for dinner or soup stock. Aunt Rhoda tended this goose back to health and loved watching it swim in the pond. She fed it lots of stale bread hoping some day it’d get plump for the holidays.

The old grey goose stayed skinny and advised this path to other young geese, but few listened. Recently this old grey goose was found in the pond on her head and fowl play expected. I wonder who told Aunt Rhody?

The End

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