The Old Drummer Who Turned to A Super StarMature

An aging Drummer who had always wanted to live the life of being a Super Star, is suddenly discovered by by a very famous Rock band, The Flying Kiwis. They take him on and he goes on a world tour...

Nick Jones was blown away! He just couldn't believe it! Here he was, a 51 year old drummer backing Super Group: The Flying Kiwis. It was like a dream.

Nick was gobsmacked when he got the phone call from manager Jason Fairbright: "Come to the concert venue at Surray Downs at 2pm and do a jam with the boys?"  That was the beginning of an amazing journey...

Nick really started playing drums when he was a 9 year old. He had a natural beat. One day his dad brought home an old drum kit. He then used to play on it every day, much to the neighbours disapproval. Playing drums was Nicks passion. When Nick turned 17 he joined another band. 

This band; The Cruisers were a very popular working band, they played at gigs all over their province. The crowds loved them. Nick played the drums and drank grog, but he really didn't fully appreciate what music meant to him. The music and gigs just didn't create the kind of buzz all the time, that he so wanted.

For just on 16 years Nick played with that band, they were like a family to him. Eventually with a few marriage problems happening he left that band. It was kind of sad, but it was time to leave, and concentrate more on family matters. He sold his expensive set of drums and never played drums again until he reached 45 years old.

It was at a rock concert Nick went to, that made him change. He was just so into the moment. That was when music changed his life. He bought a good drum kit again, and practised like never before.

One day while playing drums as a stand in drummer at a local Rock concert, Nick got noticed by Jason Fairbright, then it began...

The End

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