The Old Banger Coach Company

The Old Banger Coach Company owns many no good coaches which often break down along the road. One such coach, a Leyland Bog jump's up and down whenever it goes down the street. On one occasion the sides of this vehicle fell out onto the road leaving the coach without any sides to it. As a result people had to hold onto their seats. In fact, one man didn't and he fell out onto the road. When he got up he shouted:

"You, you mad coach why don't someone kick you up into the sky, you threw me out of yourself, so,

"Hop it killer bus, hope you crash, you're just a mad vehicle wh0 should be chucked into the sea.

Meanwhile, the coach with no sides continued on it's journey, when,

'all of a sudden the tyres flew off, and the bus driver just had to fit legs onto the bottom of his bus, so he borrowed a man's legs and fitted them onto the bus.

The sight of a bus going down the road on legs caught people by surprise, for they had never seen a walking coach before.

The man who had to donate his legs to a bus that lost it's  wheels just had to grow himself a new pair in the allotment.

Another coach belonging to The Old Banger Coach Company fell to pieces when the driver drove it.

The steering wheel flew off and went,

"Smack! right into the man's face knocking his head off.

The bus  driver got out and  carried his head with him under his  arm to the nearest hospital and had it glued back on, but, just as he left the hospital his head  fell off onto the floor, and when he tried to pick it up it flew away.

People got the shock of their lives when they saw a human head flying  down the road. In fact, one man got such a shock that his chest burst open exposing his heart. To make  matters worse a bird flew into his body through the hole in his chest and laid it's eggs  inside the man's lungs. An ambulance was called and they rushed the man to the hospital where surgeons operated on his body, but they got more than they bargained for, for they saw a bird laying it's eggs right inside the man's lungs. They tried to operate on the man's lungs, but got attacked by the bird that flew out of the man's body and into the operating theatre.

The bird was called a Lungpecker because it often bore through peoples' lungs just as a woodpecker bore's through wood.

The patient had to be put into a  food box during  surgery in order to stop the Lungpecker from getting back into his body. the operation was successful.

The bird that lived inside a man's body and laid it's eggs inside his lungs got sent to a bird's prison.

Meanwhile, the bus driver who was left without a head when a the steering wheel inside his bus flew off and knocked his head off just had to do without a head and made history by becoming the first headless bus driver in the whole of London. he is one of only five people in this world who have lost their heads.


The End

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