1).  Calling someone judgmental does not reflect well on yourself.

2).  High School does in fact teach you life lessons.  

A).  you are all kinds of familiar with your rate of procrastination.

B).  you know your level of creativity, and its time frame.

C).  you have learned the art of faking it.

3).  The more you plan, the more likely it is that it won't turn out the way you expected.

4).  Grammar does not reflect intelligence.  Just memory, attention span, and neuroticism.

5).  Some sentences just have to end with prepositions.  Otherwise, you may find a sentence up with which you cannot put.

6).  Computers don't forget.  The more buttons you push, the longer its to do list, and the longer it takes to respond; a surprisingly human thing to do.

7).  Talking to inanimate objects does not make you crazy.  You're just covering your bases.

8).  Finding a job where you get paid to do something you love is crazy rare.  Better to find a job that lets you do the things you love without getting caught.

9).  Trust is more valuable when you do untrustworthy things.

10).  Rules do not always have to come in tens.



The End

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