Cypher's Rules

1. I don't lie! I just sometimes don't tell the truth.

2. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. *

3. Next time someone tells you that your like a child, smile and say: I know you are but what am I!

4. Violence doesn't solve anything... but if it solves war, maybe you could try it out!

5. If a compulsive liar comes to you and tells you he's a liar, is he really, really lying?

6. Grammr iz ovratd. That meens u Smart Gye!

7. Lightning never strikes the same place twice... unless you're just really ugly and happen to be outside in a storm!

8. If your teacher corrects you, just say, "I though you were a teacher, not my mom!"

9. Don't go to a specialist with the same name as their work.

10. When in doubt, pick c)... unless the answer happens to be a), b) or d)!

* unless that enemy happens to own a very sharp knife and a jacket with bolts and buckles

The End

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