How to tip a stripper

In Canada we have some difficulty tipping strippers, since we don't have any dollar bills. You can't just stick a toonie in a strippers thong and fanny packs just aren't sexy...

When you tip for a meal you are recognizing good service. When you tip a stripper your hinting at the fact that you want more attention. Good service is recognized by offensive hoots and hollers.

The amonunt of currency indicates the amount of attention you wish to recieve. A dollar will get you a thumbs up. Two dollars will get you a high five. Five dollars will get you a secert handshake. Don't be cheap go for the twenty.

Be aware...don't just stick the money in her thong. Some strip bars have a strict no touching policy. Hold out the money. Don't ever throw the money on the ground! If one wants good service one must be polite.

If you are asking for more than a lap dance your stripper is no longer a stripper...It is never a good idea to get "pizza" from a strip bar. It's best to get " Pizza" from the same pizzaria all the time. Your less likely to catch food poisoning that way.

If your asking for any weird toppings on your pizza, you might as well just hand her your wallet. So that she can lots of bleach and brillio pads to scrub herself afterwards.

Strippers only pays attention to people with money. Strippers like money not you. The stripper doesn't actually want to date you. She will totally ignore you outside of the bar.

The End

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