Rules for Some Women (you know who you are)

1: Ladies, aging is inevitable and there's nothing wrong with trying to fight it however, it's better to look like an older woman than a painted old floosy..

2: Wearing more make-up does not make up for imperfections or signs of aging..

3: Choose colors that match, eg. pink lipstick, blue shadow, that's a no no..

4: No matter how high your hair gets, it does not make you look younger..

5: Wearing pigtails with bows, an evening gown and stilettos.. noooo..

6:  Adding false eyelashes to eyes that are drooping already,  makes you look like a hound dog..

7:  If your legs look like you have on wrinkled panty hose, it might not be a good idea to wear a mini dress..

8:  Do not wear string bikinis if  the string disappears when you put them on..

9:  Do not outline lips that are thin..*

10: Do not outline lips that are thick..#

11: Do not outline lips..

12: Always make sure shoes fit, if you wear open toed shoes, make sure your toes don't touch the ground before the shoe..

13: Always dress appropriately for the beach, no high heels, you're at the beach not a night club..

14: Ladies, get your nails done, you don't want to look like you work in the fields but, don't over do, you don't want to register them as lethal weapons..

15: When wearing jewelry, if your body weight increases by 20 lbs, you may have too much on, just a thought..^

*Also do not apply lipstick over the lips all the way to the nose, it does not make them look fuller, it just makes people wonder if your hand shakes.

#Another thing for thick lips.. NO BRIGHT ORANGE LIP STICK!

^The word is J E W E L R Y.. not,  J U L E R Y


The End

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