How to be a Gansta


Rule One: Don't hate the player, hate the game. I don't really know what this means but don't be hatin'.I think it's just a way to avoid blame. Next time you get arrested playa try it out.

Rule Two: Be some ones baby daddy. Get a tattoo of your baby and show it off whenever possible. Preferably on the bicep so you can also flex your muscles. Ladies love that s****.

Rule Three: Talk about Biggie and Tupac alot.

Rule Four: Get a posse. Just call your group of friends your posse. If you don't have any friends. Join a group. Examples include: Book club posse, bowling posse, church posse ( god is your home boy)

Rule Five: If your a man you must wear really lose pants with your boxers showing. Girls must wear apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur optional.

Rule Six: If you are white careful about using the N word. Members of the KKK don't make good thugs.

Rule Seven: Get arrested. Next time you get a parking ticket just don't pay it. Everyone can call you misdeamanour. It will be great.

Rule Eight: Do as Sir mixalot does.

Rule Nine: Wear lots of gold chains. If you can't afford gold chains just borrow your moms.

Rule Ten: Drink lots of Cristal. If you can afford Cristal just drink white bubbly wine and call it Cristal. Shake the bottle first. Then make a show of pouring it.

The End

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