Fashion Rules

 Rule One:  There is a very thin line between fashion and halloween costumes. Keep this in mind next you put on a ruffled shirt, Captain Morgan.

Rule Two: White shoes are only appriprate at weddings. Even then...Why not try a griege or silver shoe?

Rule Three: Just because you are fat does not mean you have to swear  a circus tent. Over size wear is only approptiate for weapon smuggling. Why not try a wrap top or dress?

Rule Four: Just because your skinny doesn't mean you have to live in shrink wrap. If your going to live in anything make it jeans. Comfortable and sexy.

Rule Five: I will give a weggie to the next person I see with an exposed thong.

Rule six: Mini skirts are not work wear. Unless you want a street corner instead of a corner office.

Rule seven: Sexy does not eqaul over exposed. Pick one body part and highlight it. Downplay the rest.

Rule Eight: Remember everyone feels fat when they are shopping. Clothing is made for people size two and five foot seven. Until the designers decide the actually want to sell clothes we will just have to suffer the dressing room blues. It will lessen as you realize which styles look best on you.

The End

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