Women's Rules

Rule # one - When a couple gets married, the man signs away the right to be right.

Rule # two  -  Women are allowed to eat whatever they want to on their birthday, unless they are going in for surgery.

Rule # Three   - Teeny bikinis are not made with women over 5o years of age, or 5o pounds overweight, in mind.

Rule # Four  -  Shoes with four inch heels, and three inch pointed toes are only a good idea when used as a weapon.

Rule # Five  - If you and your man fight over the remote control, get a remote of your own... and take the batteries out of his.

Rule # Six    - Don't lick your cat -  There is nothing nastier than human hairballs.

Rule # Seven   -  Don't buy a car or a bathtub that is smaller than you are.

Rule # Eight   - The oldest woman waiting for a stall in a public restroom gets to go to the head of the line - just because.

Rule # Nine  -  Never leave the house without going back for something at  least four times.

Rule # Ten  - Never ever admit to a man that he looks better in his clothes than you look in yours.



The End

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