More rules

Rule One:  Jesus loves you. Not everyone loves Jesus. Deal with it.

Rule Two: Don't be hatin' .Use Thugs wisdom.

Rule Three: Women you don't need a husband. You need a wife. Men don't clean. If you get a wife with the same size you can totally clothes swap! You'll look much cuter in your wife's t-shirts.

Rule Four:  If someone says you are in denial. You probably are.

Rule Five: If your going anywhere with kids bring some toys. Don't get mad at them because they're bored.

Rule Six: Love maybe blind, commonsense isn't. Use it.

Rule Seven: Don't be an a$$

Rule Eight: If your partner  wants to do the Romeo and Juliet joint suicide  thing say " You first".

Rule Nine: Jerry Springer can fix any relationship problem

The End

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