Rule the First

Rule #1: Nobody plays by the rules. But whacking someone upside the head with the rulebook tends to get the point across.

Rule #2: Whatever you do in life, have a well-worded obituary.

Rule #3: A bird in the hand is probably dead.

Rule #4: If all was fair in love in war, Odysseus might have made it home for supper.*

Rule #5: Never use the sands of time as a litter box.

Rule #6: You can fool an honest man, they just tend to call the police on it more.

Rule #7: Thinking outside the box is what gets people buried in them.

Rule #8: No one ever forgets where they buried the hatchet.

Rule #9: Life isn't for everyone.

*And that priest who thought there was something fishy about a giant wooden horse wouldn't have been eaten by snakes.

The End

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