The Official Rulebook

Frustrated? Confused? Fed up with "it all"? Unclear on what "it all" is, anyway? Welcome to The Official Rulebook, your cheap and relatively correct guide to "life".
[Suicide notes, chapter three]

Have you ever wondered what It's all about?

Have you found yourself stranded on the desert island of life without a metaphorical escape plan?*

Have you ever thought "that's just cheating", and been right?

Don't you wish somebody would just figure out the rules, for once?

Someone has

We have

                              THE OFFICIAL RULEBOOK

            containing therein handy tips and precepts for the wise

                          Now in its fourty-second edition!!

           revised, revamped, rehashed, and thoroughly scrutinized

                            AND CHEAPER THAN EVER!!!

Expand your knowledge on such useful topics as:

    The dangers of bursting out laughing

    The inevitable sinkholes that come with thickening plots

    The inadvisability of "wigging out" in public, and its effect on the toupee industry

    The Guillotine Guild's political views

    The recession's effect on the dime, and why nothing was really worth one, anyway

    Why crying bloody murder will not help your situation in the event of one



*Suicide Notes, chapter three

The End

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