Her story...x

Eva was lying in bed - the night before her 14th birthday. She quickly made sure all doors were shut, then got out her old notebook...one she had written in long ago.

                                                 Eva's story

Once upon a time there was a girl who was about 19 years old. One day she went to her friend's party, where she met a boy. Nothing that happened at that party would have mattered-except for the tiny little girl that showed up 9 months later.

Now, the young woman was now only 20 years old, and was scared as her parents had been discusted with her and had chucked her out the house. For many years before she had taken sailing lessons, so one night she set out with her new baby and went out in her boat, getting as far away from the real world as she could.

As dawn broke she found a small island that seemed to be deserted, except for a few seals and parrots. It was tropical-so it had alot of friut and stuff to eat.


The young woman and her baby had been living comfortuly on this island for almost two years, but she could tell something was wrong. So, one night she left the baby on the island and set out.


& the rest is history...


Eva didn't know if the story she had written was true, but it seemed to make sense, although she didn't know how she had ended up living with her grandpa...but that was another story. Eva setteled down to sleep for the night after all - she had a big day ahead of her the next day....x

The End

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