The ocean listens...x

What happenes when you get a 14 year old girl...out at sea...looking for her lost mother...??x

Eva was busy un-docking her boat at the harbour early on Saturday morning so she didn't hear her grandad untill he started talking to her, making her lose her grip on the frail, gold rope.

"She's a real beauty darling." He said in his soft raspy voice that she had gotten so used to hearing

"I know grandpa!" She said, compressing a sigh. He didn't seem to realize that he had been telling her the same thing over and over again for years! It wasn't even her own boat, just one that belonged to the sailing school she went to three times a week.

Eva was really glad she knew how to sail, it was almost her 14th birthday and once she had turned 14 she was aloud to go out on the ocean on her own. She couled to her, mcause she felt the ocean really listened to her, much more than real people did in the real world!

The End

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