The Ocean Daughter

My name is Allidia, I am the daughter of the sea. For years I have paced the often raging surface of these salty waters, but I fear no more, for the loneliness that grips my heart is more than I can bear. I must make the choice, to leave or stay. The ocean is an unforgiving captor.

The salty breeze ruffled my long brown hair, spattering the cold night's ocean spray up onto my upturned  face. There were no ships around, but I am sure if there had been, they would have wondered how a teenage girl was standing in the middle of the ocean, nowhere near a reef. Well, this was normal for me. After all, I am the ocean's daughter. I've been able to walk on water, breathe underwater, an all that since I was born. I am not exactly sure how I was born, and as far as my seventeen-year-old mind can tell, I have no "parents" as you odd human creatures say. My only father is the sea, my only mother is the wind.

Maybe you would call me a mermaid, but I have neither a tail, nor gills. I simply exist, a human-like figure traipsing the sea, with naught but fish for companions. It is simply the way I am. But, what was I saying... right:

Th salty breeze ruffled my long brown hair, spattering the cold night's ocean spray up onto my upturned face. I stood on the ocean's surface, gazing up at the dim sparkling stars as the soft waves danced around my bare ankles. A warm breeze swirled around me momentarily, soft music lingering in it, leaving soft impressions of kisses along my skin.

I gaze to my left at a beautiful tropical island, sandy beaches caressed by the musical waves, accompanied by the dancing sway of the palm trees. I sigh. No matter how beautiful this place might be, the hollow ache in my chest tells me I'm missing something. Salty tears spring to my eyes, and I run away from the island, my feet splashing softly against the waters. A dolphin surfaces beside me, looking at me with sad eyes. I relent my sprint and sink waist-deep in the water, sliding my hand along the snout of the dolphin.

She pushes her nose into my hand, giving me another sad look, asking what's wrong. I brush away a tear and ruffle her fin.

"I'm lonely," I whisper softly. A couple other dolphins pop up beside her, and another wave of pain through my heart. Everything has a pair, a group, a match... except me. I pat the dolphin once more, then sink through the waves, summoning a current with a flick of my wrist. The water swirls around me, soft, cold and sweet.

I use it to pull myself into the depths, and step softly onto the silty bottom, sinking to my knees. The current caresses my arms softly and swirls away, bubbly against the black water. I watch it go, my salty tears mixing with the salty water. I step through the water, causing the silt to swirl in a sandy cloud around me. A morray eel slips out of the sandy cloud and cocks its head, one sly eye glancing at me before it continues on its way to the depths.

I step through the silt, raising myself in the water until I walk a few inches about the ocean floor, leaving the silt undisturbed by my feet. My glowing gem turquoise aura lights the dark water around me, like a protective sphere of light. I look beyond it, and gaze back towards the tropical island, just a gradually rising slope in the distance.

A sigh escapes my lips, accompanied by a single tear slipping down my cheek before I turn and head back, summoning a current once more. It sweeps around me, bathing me in its luxurious warmth, and carried me high up to the surface, depositing me in the shallows, the surface of the water a few meters above my head.

A tiger shark swims close to me, nuzzling my side with her sandpaper-like skin, like an over eager dog. I slide my hand across her head, and she pushes her nose against me once, before flipping her tail enthusiastically and turning sharply back towards the depths. The sense of loneliness overwhelms me again, as it has every day since I was old enough to understand the meaning of being alone. The soft thrum of the waves beating against the island's shore beckons to me, and I head towards it, my dress, made of solidified sea foam, as soft and supple as satin, caressing my calves.

As my head breaks through the ocean's surface, and the wind runs its warm fingers through my hair as I walk towards the sand. My feet press into the damp white sand of the beach, and then I close my eyes, listening.

Allidia, the wind whispers in my ear, leading me. I follow the voice until my outstretched hands meet something almost solid and warm, and then its gone, leaving me with the sensation of warmth on my skin. I open my eyes, facing a beautiful structure built into the very cliff of the island, a waterfall cascading beside a door encrusted with mother-of-pearl, the sandy path at my feet ending abruptly behind me.

I tried once to find the place without letting the wind lead me, but I could not. I press my hand against the door, and step through it as it opens silently. The familiar three room shelter greets me, a table covered, as always, with a spread of food, nuts, berries and roots, no meat, as the only meat is fish and birds, and I will eat neither. Two doorways lead away from the dining room, one to a bedroom, and the other to a bathing room. I hear the door close behind me and another tear slides down my cheek.

I step into the bedroom and throw myself down on the bed, sobbing into my arms. Yet another night spent in the mountains of an un-findable island, alone. Always, always alone...

The End

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