Vand: The Fell Beast, Jaberrwoky part 2

I look and see Bernadette standing her ground, she pulls out and arrow and strings it into her bow, she aims and fires. Hitting one of the creatures huge black eyes. The Jaberrwoky screams, and stands up on it's hind four legs, bearing its razor sharp teeth, with venom dripping onto the floor in huge gobs.

The creatures quickly recovers and begins running at Bernadette. She doesn't run or try to hide, she simply takes an arrow out of her quiver. But, before she could even string it up, the Jaberrwoky rammed into her with one of its ginormous legs, throwing her into the wall.

Viento attempts to help by attacking the giant spider with wind, but the Jaberrwoky doesn't seem to react to the pain. Bernadette stands up, and strings an arrow. She whispers a small incantation to make to the arrow venomous, and then she lets it fly. It whistles through the air and strikes the beast in a second eye.

It howls and goes back onto its hind legs again, and starts having more erratic movement. And attempts to attack Bernadette, only to get another eye hit with an arrow.

"Guys, leave, right now!" Bernadette screams at us, "I can handle this alone, go! You need to get to the Magister Lord! You need to convince him!"

I look at Jorden, still protecting her as she shivers in the corner. Then, I look to Viento.

"She's right!" I call out, "We need to get going! She can handle the Jaberrwoky."

Viento nods, and begins running toward the door, with Jorden and I in close pursuit. The Jaberrwoky lunges at us, noticing our escape, but I take out water and slice at one of its eyes. But, it doesn't work, then the creature hits me with a leg, and I fly into a wall, far from the door.

I look anxiously, but am pleased to see Jorden going towards the door. I gauge the distance, and then sprint for it. Bernadette strikes the beast again in its eye, allowing me enough time to go through the door.

I open it, and slam it shut behind me. Then I slide down the door, while panting.

"Ok, now I can cross off 'almost eaten by a giant spider' off my list."

Viento chuckles.

The End

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