Vand: The Fell Beast, Jaberrwoky part 1

"Goodness," I say, "I have heard of this beast before. It is Jaberrwoky, a servant of the Magister Lord. Once it was a fell beast that was destroying the world, but then Magister Lord Grinthal cast a spell upon it, trapping it's mind and making it the puppet of the Magistrate."

Then, the spider started to crawl along the ceiling, and made its way to one of the corners, and from there crawled down the wall. Each of it's gigantic eight legs moving in tandem with one another. The movement was almost hypnotysing, if it weren't already revolting and terrifying enough. And after a few short minutes, the spider was now on the ground floor, looking at us with eight beady eyes. Then, it ran toward us.

"No!" I scream as I grab Jorden and leap to the side.

I look and see Bernadette standing her ground, she pulls out and arrow and strings it into her bow, she aims and fires. Hitting one of the creatures huge black eyes. The Jaberrwoky screams, and stands up on it's hind four legs, bearing its razor sharp teeth, with venom dripping onto the floor in huge gobs.

The End

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