Vand: Other Room

Jorden, Bernadette, Viento and I all left Brand to fight Mateo, and we went up the stairs and through a door that lead to the ballroom, which further led to the passage to the throne, and after that the throne room itself.

So, we went into the ballroom and began walking across it's marble steps, with the sound of our footsteps echoing around us.

"This is too easy," Bernadette suggested, "We can't just walk through the ballroom. The Magister Lord can't possibly this stupid."

"Yeah, you'd think they thought that Mateo would just finish us off." Viento replies.

Then, we hear clicking sounds above us, and we all look up. There, on the ceiling, was a titanic spider of levathianal proportions. In simple words, it was huge.

The End

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