Vand: Mateo, the Magician part 2

Then, Bernadette, while Mateo was distracted, she strung up an arrow, aimed carefully, chanted for a few seconds so that poison appeared on the tip of the arrow, and then she let fly.

But without looking up, Mateo throws fire at the arrows, incinerating them. Bernadette screams in anger, and holds her bow steady. Then, in rapid-fire procession, she fires 1... 2... 3... 4... 5 arrows. Mateo catches the now giant fireball that he and Brand had be throwing around and throws it at Bernadette. It burns all her arrows on the way. But then, Brand does a side-flip and he grabs the gigantic fireball and does something we didn't think was possible. He smiles, and absorbs the energy from the fireball. Now, his own energy stores are full, but his entire body is covered in a blazing fire.

"Die Mateo!"

Then, Brand rushes at Mateo and punches him. Mateo, caught off guard, practically flies across the floor and into the wall. Brand, not giving him time to recuperate, quickly runs at him and punches him repeatedly in the stomach.

Then, Brand yells to the others, "Leave, I'll deal with him!"

Vand nods, "Very well my friend, good luck."

The End

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