Vand: Mateo, the Magician part. 1

And through the door we go. And as we walk through the door, we find ourselves in a great and marvelous lobby. But then the sound of cackling fills the lobby. We all turn to see, and our blood curdles in our veins.

"Hahahahaha! So my post wasn't for nothing. The king was right. Hahahahahaha!" The stranger laughed.

"Who are you!" Brand steps ahead, staring the stranger down.

"I go by many names, Lord of the Fire, King of the Blaze! But there is one name which everyone knows me by. Hahahahahaha, you may call me that." The stranger bows low, his forehead practically scraping the floor. "My name is Mateo, the Magician, and it is so nice to see you after all this time."

Suddenly, the blood draws from my face. Mateo, the Magician. It is said that he was originally against the state, but after he killed so many high ranking officers, they offered him to join. And now, so many has he killed for the state, it's fearsome.

"Mateo, please step aside. We do not want to fight you, but we will."

"Hahahahahahaha, what do I have to fear!" Mateo cackled as he stood up, "A bunch of peasant naturals against me! Hahahahahahahaha, you might as well be digging your graves!"

Suddenly, Mateo raised his right arm then a large ball of fire appeared then he launched it at us. Seemingly simeultaneously, Brand did a no-armed cartwheel, ending up in the path of the fireball. Then, he caught it, charged it up, and fired it back. Mateo did the same thing, and fired it back again.

Then, Bernadette, while Mateo was distracted, she strung up an arrow, aimed carefully, chanted for a few seconds so that poison appeared on the tip of the arrow, and then she let fly.

The End

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