Vand: Finding the Door.

After walking through the disgusting sewers, we finally found the door that Viento was leading us too.

"Yes, this is the one." He confirmed.

I breathed a sigh of relief that now we were out of the sewers, but my heart clenched.

"What will happen now?" Jorden asked.

"We go through." Viento said.

"And anything that gets in our way will be cut down." Bernadette cries.

"All enemies will bow before our awesome power!" Brand smiles.

I clench Jorden's hand and look at her. "We will go through that door together. And we will change history."

And through the door we go. And as we walk through the door, we find ourselves in a great and marvelous lobby. But then the sound of cackling fills the lobby. We all turn to see, and our blood curdles in our veins.

The End

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