Vand: Sea Monsters

As we were walking upon the water, something I did not notice swam underneath me. Then another thing. And another thing after that. Then, I casually looked down and saw the bearing white teeth of five or six sea serpents.

"Oh no!" I yelled.

The sea serpents have as much, if not more, power over water. And if they decided they wanted us for lunch, there is very little I could do about it.

"Guys, sea serpents, look down."

Immediately everyone in the group looks down, and together they begin using their powers to kill them. Viento uses his wind to spear them, Bruno is setting spontaneous fires within their bodies, Bernadette was firing arrows into the beasts, Jorden simply stood against the wall, fearing for her life. And then I used my powers of water to attack them. But then, the serpents became angry and tried to drown us.

The struggle lasted for a long while, with all sides of the battle striking well. But in the end, Viento kept us afloat by wind. And then, it was all over for them. The last serpent died as Bernadette's arrow sunk into it's large head.

We were out of the fire now, and we began walking much more quickly towards the goal.

The End

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