Vand: Sewage system.

We were walking through the woods, onward to a place none of us knew, except Viento. Of course, we had faith in his abilities. And it wasn't in his abilities that we had uneasiness. We were just uneasy because of what laid before us.

"So, what do you expect we'll face when we get to the Palace." Brand asked.

"Well, the guards among other dangers. I mean, it's not like this is the impenetrable fortress like Zazamanc. It's just the Magister's Palace."

We all nod in agreement at the hopeful easy entrance. Then, Viento breaks out into a run, going toward some distant goal. The rest of us follow him, running along with him and together we stumble upon the entrance to the sewers.

"Ok, here's where we need you Vand." Viento said. "We need you to make sure we don't drown, so you're going to go first."

"Alright, I can do that."

And so, Brand and Viento move the covering and I drop in, and I use my powers to walk upon the water. Then, one by one each of the people with me jumped down, and I made sure they could walk on the water as well. Then, with Viento in lead, we walked to the hidden entrance of the Magister's Palace.

The End

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