Vand: After the Week.

After the week of relaxing so that Jorden could gain her strength I told everyone the bad news that Avantra let me in on.

"So, guys, I have bad news."

"What kind of bad news?" Brand asks.

"Ok, so, if we try to fly to the palace we will get destroyed. There are apparently guards stationed at the spires of the castle. It is because of this that I propose we find another route in. Now, Viento, you control air. So, is it possible you can track air flow and find a way that is secretive and goes straight to the palace?"

"It will take me a good hour or two."

"We can wait, is there anything you need?"

"No, I will be fine, just don't disturb me."

And so, with that said, Viento sat on the ground cross-legged and closes his eyes. We all sit down too, as we will be waiting for a while. After an hour had passed Viento opened his eyes and smiled.

"I found something."

"Well, what did you find?" I asked, eagerly.

"There is a series of sewage systems that stretch underneath the land for miles and miles. There are about 20 entrances all over the country. We are not to far from one; we can go through the sewers and walk right under the palace."

"Perfect, that's perfect. Then, we had better go."

Avantra smiled, holding Thomas in her one arm. "I'm glad I got to see you guys, have good luck."

Jorden goes up to Avantra and starts tearing at the eyes. "Thank you, thank you so much."

And then, we had to leave.

The End

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