Vand: Celebrate, a Child is Born

Over the next few days I decided not to worry my companions with the news of impending doom. So, we just had celebrations, lots of celebrations. We were just having a week long party, just having fun and celebrating the arrival of new life. It would've been the 5th day when Jorden's water broke.

Bernadette, apparently a genius midwife, went and helped Jorden give birth. Really, the only thing required of me was to get something to hold water. The birth was seven grueling hours of Jorden screaming while Brand, Avantra, Viento and I held her up and supported her. When she finally gave birth, I caught the baby in water and Bernadette picked him up. Bernadette then wrapped the baby in a blanket she had been making over the weeks, and gave him to Jorden.

Jorden and I mused over the baby; we were just so ecstatic and excited. We already knew his name, Thomas Bernard Aquos. And so, Jorden, the gang and I just waited for a week, for Jorden to regain her strength and for Avantra to get ready for the baby.

I am very lucky that I was able to see this, the birth of my own son.

The End

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