Vand: This is the Gang

The words were probably still ringing in her head. She was as silent as the grave. She just stood there looking at Jorden. Then, Jorden looked back at me, with worry on her face. Then, I saw a smile stretch across Avantra's face.

"Yes, yes! Yes, I would love to take care of your two's son. It would be my greatest honor."

Jorden jumps up and down and claps in excitement. "I'm so glad!"

While Jorden and Avantra were jumping up and down in excitement Brand, Bernadette and Viento decided to come back. When they came back into the clearing they all walked forward and Bernadette scolded me.

"You know, it's not nice to play tricks like that on people like us!"


Then, Avantra stops jumping in excitement. "Who're these people?"

Then, I introduce them. "This is Brand, this is Bernadette, and this is Viento."

Avantra shook the hands of each of the people I introduced and she had a one on one conversation with them all.

"So, how did you come to be with the group?" She asked Brand.

"Well, they asked me at a village a couple weeks away from here. I thought it sounded so cool, so I came along."

"Hmm," she said as she turned to Bernadette. "And how did you come to be with the group?"

"Well, originally I tried to kill Brand. But, Vand found me and made me heal him. I knew that because I healed an enemy I could never go back to the elven village. So, when Vand asked me to come along, I had no choice."

"Hmm," Avantra then turned to Viento. "And how did you come to be with the group?"

Viento looked at her for a moment. "Well, I don't need to tell you, but since you seem to be trusted by Vand and Jorden with their offspring I assume I can trust you as well. Well, to be honest, I got caught in this whole fiasco because Brand asked me. I came along for the adventure, the thrill of a fight, the call of the wild, that sort of thing. I'm sure you understand."

"Hmm, spirit wolf come in!"

Suddenly, the spirit wolf that was lying around my feet got up and started running. Then, he jumped and was absorbed (for lack of a better word) into Avantra's body. Then, Avantra walked over to me.

"So, how long do you plan on staying here?"

"Until Jorden gives birth. Then we'll leave Thomas with you and we'll be off."

"Mhm, by the way. If you intend to fly to the Palace you will be sorely mistaken. They have guards on the spires, and if they see you, you will be destroyed. No question."

"What do the guards do?"

"They create a void around people and make the void smaller. Eventually, you disappear."

My eyes widen in shock as I hear this. "So, we need to find another way."


The End

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